Kids Night on Broadway: Parents Rejoice!

Are you a parent? Do you like musical theater? Do you want to take your child to a show? Here’s your best option – the Kids Night on Broadway!

The Website

Check the Kids Night website for details of participating restaurants and call the restaurant in advance to receive confirmation. Additional benefits include free parking, free admission to the theater district, and free tickets to the show, as well as free transportation to and from the Broadway theater district. Check out the Children’s Night on Broadway website for additional special offers, including discounts at restaurants and theaters throughout the New York City area.

There’s More!

You’ll be pleased to know that Kids Night on Broadway is not just about Broadway, but also about select Broadway tours. For theater fans who do not live in New York, it may be advisable to spend a night in one of the many theaters in the Broadway theater district, as well as restaurants and theaters throughout the city, and learn more about the history and history of Broadway.


Parents should be aware that some of the shows that are shown there are too mature for children, others may even be a bit “mature” for teenagers. You may also want to do some research to see if the show is right for your child. The event’s website features in most of the programs references from parents, including a summary of offensive material. So don’t assume that all Broadway shows are age-appropriate just because they’re on the children’s list.

And Children!

Children can introduce their parents to the theater, and Kids Night on Broadway is clearly a great way to introduce your child to the theater on Broadway. The event is held monthly and is a great way for parents and children to get used to the theatre and it is one of the best ways to introduce children to the theatre with their parents. Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter to receive the latest theatre news, reviews, events, and more.

The drama!