Most Emotional Songs on Broadway

Musical theater means emotion! Pure emotion! And it sometimes can be a little bit sad. Here are the most emotional songs on Broadway!

I Don’t Know How to Love Him

Mary Magdalene earns her living by selling her body for money to the only man she knows, Jesus Christ. This changed when she encountered Jesus Christ, who did not consider her a person who deserved to be treated with the same affection as the children of God.

When Jesus slept with her one night, Mary realized that she loved him so much that she was very afraid. Love can make Mary believe that she must escape her feelings instead of embracing them, and it can make her think about ways to escape them instead of embracing them. Since Mary is not sure how to love someone, let alone the Messiah, she acts in such a way that she causes him pain.

I’ll Cover You (Reprise)

When you hear this song for the first time, it is a joyful duet shared by lovers Angel and Collins. What we cover shows how the song can be interpreted in many different ways, and it’s one of the saddest Broadway love songs.

The couple had built a happy home together before AIDS and poverty made life difficult for them. The revival came at the musical’s most tragic moment, but the audience couldn’t have been more elated to hear this joyous tune.

In the heartbeat, a delightful song can become a devastating song, and the most spirited person alive can become a literal angel. The text takes on a whole new meaning when Collins covers the love of her life, but the angel dies suddenly, leaving the king in his castle.


Tony and Maria come from different ethnic backgrounds, but fall in love against the backdrop of gang warfare. While love will prevail, reality can be lost when loved ones are caught in the crossfire of hatred.

Tony and Maria realize that they can’t stay in this environment anymore, but for a short moment they find comfort in each other and hope to move somewhere better. A place where the couple can find peace, rewrite the injustices of the past and rewrite their past. This quietly moving duet hints at the possibility that we are still living in a fantasy.

On My Own

Tragedy is consumed with the knowledge of the couple’s unhappy fate, but it is all the more tragic because it is more tragic than tragedy. Eponine is in the midst of a love affair with Marius, a man she has followed since the man she loved. Although she knows that he is on his own as she walks the streets of Paris, she cannot help but imagine what might have been.

As the song gains momentum, Eponine’s emotions get angry and she reminds herself that her love is one-sided. It doesn’t take long for their parade to be swamped, but it doesn’t take long for the passionate song to burst with disappointment and heartbreak. A sad song for all who have ever hidden their feelings from the one they love most.

I know that we all love and adore the most emotional songs on Broadway, and you certainly have a favorite!

Street art can be emotional, too!