The Amazing Songs of Hamilton

Lin-Manuel Miranda has given us some amazing musical pieces. Hamilton is just an example, with its amazing songs! We tried to gather some of the best in a shortlist!


This peppy pop song depicts the events leading up to Eliza and Alexander’s wedding and immediately immerses the audience in their relationship. Her joy and love for others are contagious and show the innocent side of her. In this dramatized version of the song, she finds a wonderful boy, and this boy is her now, but she is still in love with Alexander.


This tragic song has a happier Eliza than before, but there is emotional trauma and a responsibility that she soon has to bear. That is the love she feels for Hamilton, and it is the basis for the far less helpless Eliza we see later.

As the details of the Hamilton affair are made public, we have a moment to see how Eliza deals with something that has not really been recorded in the story. She distanced herself from the historical narrative of Hamilton’s legacy, took control of Alexander and others, and used them as pawns in a political game that destroyed her life.

The Room Where It Happens

The song is real, raw, and powerful, and it’s amazing how the usually polite Eliza handles her past and her place in the history books.

Finally, she decides to take a page from Hamilton’s book and do what she wants, and the last words of “Hamilton” are particularly poignant. This is the moment Aaron Burr finally gets to account for his role in the assassination of George Washington. Burr complains that he has no say in major state affairs and is shut out of the room where they happen, but he watches over all of us.

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

Besides the brilliant theme, this jazzy show-stopper atmosphere is also one of the funniest numbers of the whole show. Lafayette’s verse holds the record for the fastest Broadway rap, and I’m not lying, I’ve tried to rap it as fast as he has. This character is incredibly impressive and great because she breathes high energy into the show in emotional moments, concentrating on our friends in “Hamilton,” focusing on the friends of Hamilton, but also showing us the struggle to lead a revolution, while also giving us an insight into the struggles that took place back then.

This song is a powerful way to end the history of the revolution from Hamilton’s perspective, and it gives everyone a moment to shine. I like this song because it combines emotional and powerful moments with incredible staging and choreography. This is one of my favorite songs from “Hamilton,” and I’m sure there are many great rappers who like that.


These amazing songs in Hamilton are emotionally charged, with great lyrics, and superb singing! Many of them have made their way to my personal playlist!

What did we missed!